• Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    Please be informed/advised that our company will be closed from January 18 to January 30 for New Year holiday. Our business operation will back to normal on January 31st Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holidays bring any inconveniences. For any sales enquiries and supports, ...
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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Day is a western traditional festival, is a holiday created by the American people, but also the American family reunion holiday! The main meaning of Thanksgiving Day is to tell us the beauty of human nature, from anything can reflect gratitude, greeting your parents, friends, help ...
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  • What products are included in Caterpillar’s seal kit?

    1.DKBI This type of dust-proof lip inside the sliding surface and open a small chamfer, so it can scrape a small amount of residual oil film on the shaft.The unique design increases the area of PU coated iron shell. 2. UDX UDX structure main oil seal adopts new polyurethane material. Not only a...
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  • How to choose their own excavator?

    Excavator price is not cheap, many people will be in doubt when buying, in the end what brand should buy? Which model of the brand will be more suitable for you and last longer? So, a little bit of knowledge to share with you. 1.Caterpillar American brand, self-produced, powerful, high price, hig...
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  • Company activities

    On May 20th, the company held a team building activity in Nanjing. About 30 people were present. Although it was hot, they actively participated in the activity and competed in groups to win honors for their team. A successful group construction not only enables employees to enhance mutual unders...
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  • How do you measure a seal?

    How do you measure a seal?

    Measure the seal’s Outer Diameter (OD), Inner Diameter (ID), width and height. Often the dimensions are printed on the seal. If not, you can measure the seal using either a ruler, verniers or calipers. Take multiple measurements around the seal when measuring diameters, in order to apply an...
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  • How to remove the seal

    How to remove the seal

    A:When disassembling the mechanical seal, maintenance technician should be careful. Hammer and flat shovel are strictly prohibited to avoid damaging the sealing element.A pair of wire hooks can be made.If scale can not be removed, it should be cleaned before disassembly. B:If both ends of the pu...
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  • How to preserve seals?

    How to preserve seals?

    Seals are the basic parts to prevent all kinds of leakage, but the installation and preservation of seals, not only affect the oil sealing effect, but also directly affect the performance of machine tools. 1. Seals must be stored in an airtight environment to avoid contact with moisture and dust...
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  • Established Nanjing Qixia District Construction Machinery Chamber of Commerce

    Established Nanjing Qixia District Construction Machinery Chamber of Commerce

    On November 30, 2021, Qixia District Construction Machinery Chamber of Commerce held its founding meeting in Buckingham Grand Hotel, Nanjing. Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, United Front Work Department of District Committee, District Federation of Industr...
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  • Added new mode – Live show

    Added new mode – Live show

    Live show has further narrowed the distance between sellers and customers. In the process, we will show in detail the products that customers need to know in the sales process. In real-time interaction, we will give the most professional answers and show the product deta...
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  • HOVOO machinery – focus on quality and strive for development

    HOVOO machinery – focus on quality and strive for development

    Nanjing HOVOO machinery technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers. in this process, continuous innovation, technology reform, the pursuit of excellence. In the future development wave, determined to continue to accumulate, pre...
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  • Development trend of seals

    Development trend of seals

    At present, Chinese construction machinery industry has introduced a large number of main engine design and manufacturing technology from developed countries. And gradually adopted the international advanced sealing system design concept and sealing device application te...
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